Only $14.95 for the perfect personalized gift
for the woman who loves music.

What do you get with Musical Names?

  • A personalized CD with your name on the cover and your music on the disc
  • A unique and original melody created from the letters of your first name
  • A beautiful, touching, and fully orchestrated musical composition
  • The ability to enjoy and share with others, over and over again

"It’s obvious. Johnny Harris has tapped into a very special energy with Musical Names™. It’s like Musical Magic! Suddenly your name is music and your very own music is your name." - Florence Henderson, singer, recording artist, actress (Read more musical names testimonials...)

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What is a Musical Name™?

A woman's name in music.

According to a musical formula used by many of the great composers...

The music was composed by Johnny Harris, an award winning producer,
composer, arranger and musical director. Each Musical Names composition is a true work of art.

Hearing is believing!
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(click on square button to stop). Replay as many times as you'd like.

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